Independent Software Developers

We drive ideas into success

Software development

We keep open minded & independent to provide best solutions adapted to your needs.


Our developments are multiplatform.

In addition to developing cross-platform applications we are GNU / Linux experts, much safer, efficient and economical than most others systems.

Web apps

Need a web app?

We can develope efficient and secure software for you.

Web design

Creative, effective & adapted to your needs.

From simple ones to the most interactive and complex designs. We implement personal, professional, corporative or commercial pages (webshops).

Our team is always trying and incorporating latest technologies, and even contributing to its own development.

Support & Training

Feel confident, optimize your work, prevent and overcome any IT problem.

We provide offsite and onsite services.

Qualified and continous IT training is key to help you, or your business, gain long term adaptability.

Professional and responsive support is key to secure your processes working effectively.

We analyze your requirements and make recommendations to improve your capabilities and/or the performance of your IT system or certain critical applications.


Let us know how can we help you, or just leave a suggestion or comment. We value your opinion and your time: will contact you as soon as possible.Thanks!

You can also phone us +34 922 258 228.